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Welcome to our newest feature: Matt Tait’s Tweetcap

Matt Tait's "Tweetcap"

Matt Tait's "Tweetcap" by Matt Tait

Last night, while covering the KU volleyball game (which the Jayhawks lost in five sets to Iowa State), I sent out quite a few Tweets about this week's KU football match-up with Baylor.

I, like much of the rest of the world, have found Twitter to be an incredibly useful tool in getting quick nuggets of information about the teams I cover to the fans who care most about them.

A lot of the time that's done through stories, notebooks, blogs, videos and podcasts here on our site, but, occasionally — quite often, actually — I find myself using Twitter to share little notes, stats, facts and opinions about KU sports. Almost as often, I forget to throw those same things on the site.

It's obviously not a major deal and a lot of them eventually wind up finding their way into my stories or coverage somehow. But in an effort to continue to bring you the most KU coverage you can possibly want, I've decided to start this little "Tweetcap" blog, which I'll post semi-regularly on days when I drop a lot of Twitter knowledge.

More often than not, it'll be short and sweet and simply be me copying and pasting the stuff I put on Twitter throughout the day. But I didn't want you guys to miss any of that stuff either so I dreamt up this idea.

I'm sure a good chunk of you already are following me on Twitter anyway, so for you guys this won't really do much — other than bring those words to one place where you can comment on them and discuss the content with others.

For those of you not following me, that's always an option, too.

But if Twitter isn't your thing, this blog will cover that.

So, without further ado, here's the first installment of my Tweetcap from Wednesday, Oct. 23.


#KUfball CB Shepherd praised senior Darius Willis during player interviews today. Said Willis is a big-time leader & "just loves the game."

Credit #KUfball QB Heaps for his attitude. Mired in worst slump of his life, Heaps said only thing he can do is keep working & stay positive

I asked #KUfball LB Jake Love why he played like such a maniac last week (8 tackles, 1 for loss) & the Okie native said it was b/c it was OU

#KUfball CB Shepherd also credited TE Jimmay Mundine for developing into a quality leader, saying, "I like Jimmay, too. Jimmay shows a lot."

Baylor has an incredible offense and they're fast as heck, but #KUfball CBs JaCorey Shepherd & Dexter McDonald can't wait for the challenge…

#KUfball QB Jake Heaps said he's not worried about a repeat of last week's effort (5-13, 16 yds) b/c last week was "as low as you can get."

Tryin to find out how many times & when #KUfball has been bigger underdog than this week's 35.5-point line vs Baylor… Know there are several

In 1985, Oregon St was 38-point underdog vs Washington & won 21-20. Biggest underdog to win up to that point… Still searching… #KUfball

Thanks to some Twitter help, it looks like 2007 was the year and USC was favored by 41 over Stanford but lost 24-23… #KUfball

At KU volleyball tonight, Caroline Jarmoc recorded block No. 515 for her career tonight, making her the all-time leader in KU history. Stud.

Appropriately, the awesome KU volleyball band broke into "Sweet Caroline" after the announcement. In related news, Boston leads StL 5-0…

RT: Elijah Johnson signs on to play with Rosa Radom, a Polish basketball team #kubball

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