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The actual facts about misconceptions stated on this site, Part 2:

While most people incorrectly claim they know how OWS started, you are correct about how it got started, AdBusters. However as it was about to die, Anonymous rescued and propelled it to the size it is today. Without them, it would not be what you see today. The basics are there at Wikipedia, but this is a much more detailed article from someone on the inside, http://ampedstatus.org/a-report-from-the-frontlines-the-long-road-to-occupywallstreet-and-the-origins-of-the-99-movement/. As you know, Anon always has different, "Operations," to achieve justice in a world full of wrongdoing and chaos. Months before any of you ever heard of Occupy Wall Street, they started something called #OpWallStreet. That's why all those people are in disguise that you see on TV, they were asked not to wear the mask.

Before you even comment here about the dark side of Anon, allow me to remind you of a few things. Over the past few years, Anon has: Shut down the websites of dictatorships to aid the real life rebels to free themselves. Hunted down people on the Net that post pics and video of torturing animals and turned them in to the proper authorities. Stopped the killing spree of a nut that was about to imitate Columbine. Hacked and exposed the names of over 1,500 pedophiles on the Net. Attacked the websites of terrorists. That is only the tip of all of the (debatably) good things they have done. So yes, some stray members have done horrible things to people on the Net, but that type of activity is being clamped down. So before you leave your anonymous (irony, anyone?) comments putting them down, please explain what you have done that is so much better lately. All you do is spend nice, sunny days in front of your computer spewing negative comments on LJW.com. You could be out there improving the quality of our world, but instead choose to be on here complaining about what you don't like, people improving the quality of our world. You are free to comment and politely debate me here anonymously, but the whole point of this is that if you insult and spout off incorrect facts, I (and hopefully everyone else) will ignore you.

Too many times I have seen people claim that they didn't understand the message of OWS because they were 'incoherent'. I find this hard to believe because of all the comments coming from rich people ranging from Matt Damon (Go ahead, raise my taxes) to Warren Buffet. If you missed the piece Mr. Buffet wrote for the NYT ending in, "My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice," you should Google it. The message seems to be getting though to others just fine. Whether you are for or against OWS, their main goal has been accomplished. Many more people are aware of the rampant, unruly corruption which is breaking ALL of our bank accounts then there were two months ago. You paid more in taxes last year than people raking in record millions. This is one of the many reasons for the pent up frustrations of the people. The only ones that don't want to see the change being pushed here are: 1) Greedy rich people, 2) Poor people that listen to the stations owned by the first set of people, that can't think for themselves. I fully agree that a more specific message and agenda from the beginning would have helped OWS, but no movement or collective is perfect from the beginning. While you put the protesters down and do nothing, the middle class is being choked out of existence.


The actual facts about misconceptions stated on this site, Part 1:

Here is the TL;DR (Too long, didn't read):

1.) I give you some tools to find real facts on the Net.

2.) The quality of LJW.com has gone down because of trolls.

3.) Most of you are wrong about the origins of Occupy Wall Street.

I have watched for years without saying anything as people were misinforming everyone about the events that happen in the news through the comments. I will now help shed light on recent events with real statistics, not speculation.

1.) The next time someone on LJW says something political that doesn't sound quite right, check Politifact.com. They do an excellent job of pointing out things that politicians say that are untrue. I have also noticed that a lot of people state false, "facts," on here that can easily be disproven on Wikipedia.com. For rumors, check Snopes.com. To look up slang check UrbanDictionary.com, if it's an Inernet question you have then check OhInternet.com. If you want to find a picture or it's source, upload it to TinEye.com. It will give you leads on the pic and offer you different sizes of the same pic. Most of the misinformed answers I see here could be answered with a simple question to Google, really.

2.) If you are an extremist that refuses to even listen to what the other side has to say, you are part of the problem. There is nothing wrong with leaning one way or the other on an opinon, but some simply refuse to listen at all. This goes for any liberal who refuses to watch one single episode of Rush or O'Reilly. This also goes for any conservative that refuses to watch one clip of Jon Stewart or Micheal Moore. Not even simply listening to the other side is exactly why no progress is being made. That being said, there are exeptions to listening to the other side. These are actual quotes from political people:

A.) "I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. ... No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out..." (Goes on and on.)

B.) "...we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

It may not be a good idea to listen to anyone who speaks like this, whether they are political or not. (Too many people listen to one source, yet no others at all. This is where the problems begin. If you don't know who said those quotes, Google them. If it turns out one of those people is where you get your info, you might need to rethink your life. If you already knew those quotes yet those type of people are your one source for information, you are definitely part of the problem.) Also, if you check the facts, there is one station which consistantly is misinforming their viewers more than any other. It is no surprise to anyone who checks the actual facts which, "news," station that would be.

So, the more of these things someone on LJW does, the more you might ignore them: Spends time complaining on computer, especially on a nice day. Associates something the other side of the political fence does with Nazis. Name calling (Thugs, fleabaggers, smelly people, ect). Anyone who claims that raising awareness or doing good is pointless. Anyone who reads an entire piece that proves them wrong with facts, yet they don't address how wrong they are (They just pick one little flaw or inaccuracy and argue about that.) Anyone who always refers to the extremist on the other side, yet never comments on the rational people on other side, just constant blame). Typing, grammer and spelling mistakes are made by all, I've probably made mistakes here. However, if someone clearly is not even trying than perhaps they should be ignored all together. (Before anyone comments about how many times I lean to the left, perhaps you missed the point and should re-read this letter.)

These are the traits of people with too much free time. If everyone were to simply not respond to these people, they would either talk to themselves or just stop commenting. People from all over the country are looking at this site. Some of them are students (or their parents) trying to decide where to go to college. If any of this rings with you, please comment and share with your LJW friends so that we may accomplish these goals. We have one of the best communities ever, and our online life should reflect this fact. Origins of OWS coming soon.