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Amass Street: A blog about collecting

Lots of people collect stuff - I knew I wasn't the only one - but collectors have received so much attention in the Journal World recently, I was inspired to write a blog about it. I have always thought that for every thing that exists; for every type of object imaginable, for every noun (and even some verbs and adjectives), there is somebody out there who collects it. I am always encouraged when I hear stories about collectors who are not just out there, but right here in Lawrence and the surrounding area. This is a great place to be a collector with so many antique and specialty shops, garage sales, and auctions. Plus, online marketplaces and trading communities give us even greater access to the things we are looking for.

Local collectors occupy very specialized corners of the collectible landscape. Why am I fascinated by stories about Jayhawks, John Deere tractors, nuns, golf collectibles, and 1968 pennies…especially when none of these objects have interested me enough to compel me to search out and buy even one for myself? I suppose it is spirit of collecting that unites us; the thrill of the hunt, the triumph of a new find, the pain of seeing somebody walking out of a flea market with an item you need that could have been yours if you had only been there a few minutes earlier.

I think many people find personal collections interesting because they are very similar to museum collections. Even if I’m not looking to learn something new, I love seeing lots of related stuff all together in the same place. It makes me think, “Wow, somebody cares enough about these things to acquire them and preserve them.” And if somebody’s investing that much time and money into collecting these items then these items must be pretty important. Indeed, private collectors preserve things that major museums might pass on; these things can be very important for understanding a certain part of history or culture. The Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City and the Oz Museum in Wamego both come to mind as museums that grew out of private collections.

I look forward to hearing more collector stories, and I’ll write about my own collecting adventures from time to time…Oh, and what do I collect? I collect dinosaur toys and other prehistoric-themed items.