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Why Rick Santorum Will Never Be President, A Step-by-Step Guide

Former Republican Senator (Pa.) Rick Santorum announced today that he will run for President. He has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning the GOP bid. Why?

Step 1: Google "rick santorum."

Step 2: Follow the second link (disclaimer: mildly NSFW/gross).

Step 3: Ta-da!


When googling "rick santorum" ahem, you should now follow the FIRST link to reach the "desired" page.


Health Care: What Would Jesus Do?

As the debate over American health care reform continues to intensify, let us not forget that ever-popular, transcendent question: What would Jesus do?

Would He do any and everything in His power to provide a basic humanitarian service to the underprivileged, the poor, the sick, regardless of the costs? Or, eschewing charity (including government assistance), would He, for instance, yell “Heil Hitler!” at those who favor providing for the uninsured?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVS4Zg... (WARNING: This video may shatter your faith in human decency)

Some people claim the United States is a Christian nation. If we live in a Christian nation, then we should follow the teachings and actions of Christ. So ask yourself, what would He do?