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Swampyville’s - “Silence of the Deep”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Alive, asleep, by, deep, deep, deep, deep, end, explore, fear, hear, keep, mend, shore, sleep, steep.

Silence of the Deep! By L. Don Oliver

A gentle refreshing sea breeze, Waves splashing upon the __; Seabirds soaring above me; A beautiful new world to __;

In the shadows of my soul, The world above me ___; Slipping slowly beneath the waves, Into the silence of the _;

Serenity of quite solitude Rainbow creatures swimming ; Lovely flowering coral reefs, One is thankful to be ___;

Where there's rhyme and reason No imperative schedule to _; Controlling my own destiny, In the silence of the _;

Sounds from a distant whale, Echoes that I can barely _; Knowing that I am not alone, Deflates any questioning _;

Bubbles from a fissure below, Up through the darkened __; At peace with the world, In the silence of the _;

When life has passed me by, Broken dreams never to _; Things that I once enjoyed, Ever winding down to ;

If to die upon the morrow, From cause for eternal __; I pray thee my final rest, In the silence of the _;

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"Our" Constitution! By L. Don Oliver

It once was a beautiful document, That was gracefully written there; And through all it's many years. It was giving great love and care;

Once it contain words of "Freedom", Words that resonated toward the high, Gathered within its wisdom, was hope, But alas, those days have gone by;

Now we are told to tear it up, Rendering it into a pile of dust; Viewing it as a pathetic relic, Worthy of only their disgust;

The meaning for which it stood, Now archaic with no charm; They are scripting a new one, That will never cause them harm;