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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bright, due, everyone, hue, light, proposes, roses, sun.

Bouquet of Life! by L. Don Oliver

A bouquet of flowers held gently, Gathered at mornings early ___; Placed in a pretty slender vase, Reflecting loves special __;

Flowers caressed so tenderly, By beads of trickling ; Beautiful petals of life, Unfolding shades of ;

Honeybees flitting to and fro, pollinating flowers, each and _, Oblivious to the morning mist, And the rising life giving ___;

Scented flowers of every dream, Leads to what fate __; Life really concerns me not, For I, paused to smell the _;

Previous Poem.

Greed! by L. Don Oliver

The labyrinth of my Life, That has ensued thus this far; Gives no reasons for excuse, When I stand before the bar;

Ghostly eerie creatures dancing, Echos from a pretentious past; Gives rise to the truth, Of the shadows that I've cast;

The candle of my being, Is flickering in its flow; There will come that day, When it will cease to glow;

If ever my never comes, Inter history beneath the sod; Shed no tears for yesterday, Render my final fate unto god;


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