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I Heard the Robin Sing! by L. Don Oliver

When I was the innocent one, One morning in early spring; No thought of true reason, I heard the Robin sing;

He sang his sweet song of life, Of hope, faith, and charity; He sang of his everlasting wish, For a world in perfect harmony;

He sang his precious song, For conflict to never start; Then came the makers of hate, And tore all his dreams apart;

Like a forgotten soul, Forlorn in a castle keep; In the darkness of night, I heard the Robin weep;

We did not get there with you,
But, you paved the road with care; One day we will cross the mountain, And find you awaiting there;

Previous Poem!

Painting the Silent Night! By L. Don Oliver

The, little falling star, left it's, calling card; Glowing, in the night, bright, bright, my delight; Luminous stars, in their grace, eternally parading, deep in space; A golden moon, sauntering by, pursuing the stars, across the sky; A flock of geese, upon their flow, lit up by, the full moon's glow; Puffy white clouds, upon their way, perhaps they'll visit, on another day; The Milky Way's, spiraling dance, two lovers lost, in deep romance; Paint brush, all dipped in red, wondering where, Mars has fled; Rings of Saturn, spinning around, no lovelier sight, to be found; Coloring a far away, lightening flash, Venus and the moon, about to clash; Between the eyes, of the known, darkened spaces, of the unknown; Palette filled, in shades of blue, colors changing, with every hue; Never a sound, to be heard, save the tune, of a singing bird; Such was, my grandest sight, While Painting, the Silent Night;


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