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What is the difference between the "Old Left" and the "New Left"?

Politically Correct Resolution:

The Old Left is basically the pre 1960s left, beginning around the 1900s, of which was more class based. The old left began with Fabian Socialism (gradual reformation of the market based economy via political actions). It still exists. Its main intention was to take the United States from a nation of isolation into one of Internationalism (A new world order). That goal became a reality after World War Two, through an International Central Banking System!

The goal of both the old and new left is International Marxist Socialism and utilizing capitalism to achieve this agenda. It is not a conspiracy, the Marxist Socialists have made their intentions very clear as to how it will be accomplished.

Although the new left shares some of the same goals as did the old left, it was implemented to create more youth participation in the so called social justice struggle for labor and civil rights. The new left would eventually shift more toward revolutionary tactics that would be separated from previous Marxists/liberals/socialists. The old and new left exploited the basic belief of economic justice, civil liberties and even though they, the new left, say they share American values, many of the new left favors a violent revolution.

The term "New Left" was popularized in the U.S. and some argued for a new leftist ideology, moving away from the traditional Old Left focus on labor issues, towards issues such as opposing authority. Some argued for a shift from the traditional left, toward the values of the counter-culture. They argued the claim that the working (labor) class was no longer the revolutionary force. That the new agent of revolutionary change were (intellectuals) around the world.

The New Left opposes what it sees as the prevailing authority structures in society. They concentrate on a social activist approach to organization, convinced that they (the intellectuals) will be the source for a more thorough social revolution.

The self proclaimed intellectuals view themselves as the new ruling class of a New World (Marxist Socialist) Order.

Most New Left thinkers in the U.S. were originally influenced by the Vietnam War and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They recognized problems prevalent with the socialism of the Soviet Union. The New Left contended that since the Soviet Union could no longer be considered the world center for working class revolution, new revolutionary Communist thinkers had to be substituted in its place, such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara. The New left have distance themselves from Leninism and Stalinism; however, Trotskyism is still prevalent. Today, it's the likes of the Hugo Chavezs of the world that are their idols.

Some elements of the U.S. New Left are anarchist and look to libertarian socialist traditions of American/World radicalism. The Industrial Workers of the World and union militancy are still being exploited. Autonomous Marxist Socialism is still a main part of their "enlightenment".

Marxist Socialists are Anti U.S. Constitutionalists who are striving to alter or replace our current Constitution with one of Collectivism instead of Individualism!

Today the Old Left and the New Left (Marxists) have united and refer to themselves as Progressive Democratic Socialists and Progressive Conservatives(?).

What the Left didn't won't to see happen, happened. Many of the proletariat (working class) eventually became members of the bourgeoisie (middle class) and became moderates. Moderates are not allowed in the current political system and they will never be tolerated. The Status Quo must be maintained to realize the Marxist Socialist's New World Order. Those who dare to challenge them will be ostracized!

"PELLE SUB AGINA LATITAT MENS SAEPA LUPINA" (Under a sheep's skin often hides a wolfish mind) (Those who profess to be Vegetarians when in reality they are Carnivores).

Archaic word for today: "Politician"

Politically Correct Definition: Orator of recitation for the purpose of disinformation and an advocate of expenditure of all Public funds!



Bob Forer 7 years, 1 month ago

Both sophomoric and absurd. Thanks for the laugh.

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