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The cast of American voters!

In the last month on my blog sites, I've tried to explain the options that are open for the American voter. (Conservatism, Liberalism, and Moderatism). The current voting system only allows for Conservatism and Liberalism. Each individual must decide for themselves which category fits within their ideology!

I myself, have been a registered Democrat since January 196l. Today, I consider myself to be in the Moderate category. In the 1992 and the 1996 elections, I didn't vote for anyone for president. In the 2000 election, having no one I considered to be worthy of my vote, I wrote in the name "Howdy Doody". In the 2004 election I wrote in the name "Charlie McCarthy". In the last election I wrote in the name "Mortimer Snerd". I opined that they couldn't be any worse than the other "Dummies" (ones seeming to act alone but are really acting for others) who were running for President.

I vowed many years ago not to vote for the lesser of the two evils. By doing so, I would still be voting for evil! To those who say I'm throwing away my vote. Am I really, look at the growing independents who no longer can be propagandized (brainwashed) by the left or the right through their controlled media! The American voters are awakening to the real TRUTH that they are being used!

"FACTA NON VERBA" (Actions speak louder than words)


jhawkinsf 7 years ago

There are a host of third party candidates you could choose to vote for. The Green Party, The Libertarians, American Freedom, etc. A vote for those is different than voting for a cartoon character. Votes for those parties will actually be counted. And should their numbers increase over time, the major party candidates will look to those parties, try to understand why disaffected voters are choosing the Greens or Libertarians and then incorporate those positions into their platforms. The major party candidates will move towards your position if sufficient numbers indicate that it's in their political best interest to do so. Next time you vote, you might want to consider if any of the other parties have positions you're comfortable voting for.

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