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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Ahead, Albatross, alone, bar, be, bell, crossed, dare deck, dread, far, ghosts, home, lashed, light, night, plays, posts, respect, return, sea, splashed, stays, there, well, yearn.

Ship of Memories! By L. Don Oliver

I see the ships, upon the ; As they race, to cross the ; Full sails, billowing briskly __; No sailors regret, for those who ; Phosphorus waves, gently being _; Flowering Main, pleading to be ___; Disciplined crew, upon the ; The valorous ones, that I _; Never an all night in, they are __; With their thoughts, ever drifting ; Eight peals sound, from the ships _; signalling that, all is ; Lightening flashing, in the __; Scaring the darkness, into ; Flickering lanterns, upon their __; Dancing shadows, of wandering ; White horses building, a storm ; Ship ahull, awaiting the __; Howling winds, prayers of ; Homeward bound, every sailor's ; The tempest line, they have _; There upon the bow, an _; In the ocean, a dolphin __; Out where, King Neptune ; Brave souls, venture out to ; That is where, I long to _;

I wrote this poem several years ago in memory of my brother-in-law, who is now deceased.
He was a career Navy Quartermaster who was really happiest the most when he was driving "HIS" Aircraft Carrier. Sail on forever Charlie.

Previous Poem.

Gift of Life! By L. Don Oliver

The storm clouds were building, The heart was sinking low; The rain came pouring down, The angry winds began to blow;

Lightening flashing above my head, The paint less walls wearing thin; Then, you opened your loving arms, And enclosed me there within;

You kissed my troubled brow, Hugging me with all your might; Tenderly, you sang songs of love, All through that wakeful night;

When the new light had dawned, Restful sleep was mine to see; Mama, I will always love you, For your precious gift to me;


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