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What is he difference between the "Old Right" and the "New Right"?

Politically Correct Resolution:

The Old Right:

The Old Right was a conservative faction in the United States that opposed both New Deal domestic programs and U.S. entry into World War II (Isolationists). Many members of this faction were associated with the Republicans of the interwar years led by Robert Taft (Son of President William Taft), but some were Democrats. They were called the "Old Right" to distinguish them from their New Right successors, such as Barry Goldwater, who favored an interventionist foreign policy to battle world communism. Many members of the Old Right favored laissez faire classical liberalism; some were business-oriented conservatives; others were ex-radicals who moved sharply to the right.

The Old Right was in opposition to the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The "Old Right" formed a Conservative coalition that controlled Congress until 1964. They were consistently non-interventionist and opposed entering WWII.
Later, most opposed U.S. entry into NATO and intervention in the Korean War. "In addition to being staunch opponents of war and militarism, the Old Right of the postwar period had a rugged and near-libertarian thought in domestic affairs".

There were those who believed that the Old Right were actually classical liberals and "were accepted members of the Left before 1933. Yet, without changing any of their fundamental views, all of them came to be thought of as exemplars of the political Right."

The New Right!

In the United States, New Right refers to two historically distinct conservative political movements. Both of the American New Rights are distinct from and opposed to the more moderate tradition of the so-called Rockefeller Republitarians. The New Right also differs from the Old Right on issues concerning foreign policy with the New Right being pro Internationalism to the non-internationalists of the Old Right.

The first New Right (1955–1964) was centered around the libertarians, traditionalists, and anti-communists. The first New Right embraced fusionism, (classical liberal economics, traditional social values, and were ardent anti-communism) and coalesced through grassroots organizing in the years preceding the 1964 presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. The Goldwater campaign, failed in their Presidential bid against LBJ.

The second New Right (1964 to the present) was formed in the wake of the Goldwater campaign and had a more populist tone than the first New Right. The second New Right tended to focus on social issues and
national sovereignty and was often linked with the Religious Right (The Silent Majority). The second New Right formed a policy approach and electoral apparatus that brought Ronald Reagan into the White House in the 1980 presidential election. In elite think-tanks and local community organizations alike, new policies, marketing and electoral strategies were crafted over the succeeding decades to promote strongly conservative policies, mostly ignored by the Intellectuals until the 1980s.

The Third New Right: Conservative Liberalism!

The Third New Right began prior to and after the so called fall of the Soviet Union.

In the 1980's There was a massive increase in Cold War related defense spending that caused large budget deficits, the U.S. trade deficit expansion, and contributed to the Savings and Loan crisis, In order to cover new federal budget deficits, the United States borrowed heavily both domestically and abroad, raising the national debt from $700 billion to today's 14 trillion, and the United States has moved from being the world's largest international creditor to the world's largest debtor nation. Then came the Bush wars plunging this nation further into debt. Bill Clinton, in my opinion, was just another opportunist who went along to get along. (Wikipedia was used in part for this Article)

Other causes for this nations economic problems created by Conservative Liberalism and Liberal Conservatism (both are the same):

Elimination of most trade barriers.

An extreme export deficit for the U.S. in international trade.

Cutbacks in public sector employment (both parties). (Jobs being moved offshore)

The privatization of previously public-owned enterprises and moving them offshore too.

The transfer of the share of this country's economic wealth to the top economic percentiles of the population. (TARP Program - Raiding the Treasury)!

The Current Administration has attempted to swing the social/economic pendulum back toward the left (so they say); but it didn't work. All they have succeeded in, is leading this Nation further into debt by increasing this Nations interest payments on the National Debt (Stimulus Package - Continuing to raid the Treasury). Now, both parties are attempting to move more toward the center in an attempt to gain the Independent vote.

What we are seeing in today's politics is the Left's Liberal Conservatism (The New, "New Change" that you can believe in) and the Right's Conservative Liberalism! (It's the same old political tactic of "Sticking one finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing"). The Left and the Right are doing every thing that they can to exploit the Middle.

Classic Marxism states that future leaders will come from the Middle Class and that is what scares the "Prestidigitators" the most.

No! The TEA party is not the answer! It has already been infiltrated and is being destroyed from within by both, the Democratic and Republican parties.

Beware of: "OVIS INVESTIMENTIS LUPINUS" (Sheep in wolves clothing)

Archaic word for today: "Prestidigitator"

Politically Correct Definition: Either, a Democratic or a Republican Politician.



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