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Swampyville's - Ask the Politically Correct! (Collective Salvation)


Swampyville's Ask the Politically Correct!


What is the definition of Collective Salvation?

Intellectual Resolution:

Collective salvation is a quasi-contract religious concept that is the antithesis of individual or personal salvation. It is a mandate of social justice which projects rights not normally given by the laws of a country or state. Its premises are based on dialogue, not accepted doctrine. It supports the perpetual Marxist class struggle for the self-proclaimed “divine” purpose of a socialist nirvana under the concept of Progressive Socialism!

Archaic Word for today: "Brainwashing"

Politically Correct definition: Cognitive accommodation for those who are incapable of thinking for themselves!

Letters/words/terms that will not be included in the International Dictionary of Political Correctness: (Determined to be derogatory) (Only the use by those within the same ethnic group will be tolerated)

Alter kacker/alter nocker (Yiddish)/alter kucker/A.K.!

A disparaging term for elderly Jewish people.


An Anglo-Celtic Australian, possibly of convict lineage.


A white woman to a black person - or a black woman that acts too much like a white woman.


A black person.


An American Indian who is "red on the outside, white on the inside".


A native Argentina.

Asian N*!

An ethnic slur against Filipinos.

Aunt Jemima/Aunt Jane/Aunt Mary/Aunt Sally!

A black woman who "kisses up" to whites, a "sellout". A female counterpart of "Uncle Tom".


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