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Swampyville's You're the Poet; "Hope is Eternal"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Brought, despair, him, there, thin, thought

Hope is Eternal! By L. Don Oliver

I walked the valley of the damned, To me he was of no _; Sailed the sea of lost souls, Adversity is all I had _;

I tread hates burning sands, Still I didn't search for ; Soared through an unforgiving sky, Up where the air was _;

I climbed the highest mountain, In a moment of my _; Ascending the top I gazed around, And found him abiding _;

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Seasons Of My Life! By L. Don Oliver

It was the beginning of Spring, the day that I was born; I heard the Harald Angels sing, and Gabriel blew his horn;

Born of innocence, into a world of resent; Molded by the hands of love, until my final concent;

The drifting storms of life, ill winds that blow no good; Searching within myself, for reason to be understood;

It may have been in Summer, the time of my descent; Did I miss all of Autumn, in my world of discontent;

Now my Autumn is diminishing, and Winter is hastedly coming on; Remembering dreams of yesterday, aware of what I have done wrong;

For many life is unfilling and they always wonder why; Quick to blame everyone else, when life has passed them by:

On this my final Winter day, life is such a fleeting thing; Gabriel sound your golden trumpet, and let the Herald Angels sing;


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