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Swampyville’s - “Painting the Silent Night”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words of use your own words.

Around, bird, blue, by, card, clash, dance, day, delight, flash, fled, flow, found, glow, grace, heard, hue, night, night, red, romance, shown, sight, sky, space, star, unknown, way.

Painting the Silent Night! By L. Don Oliver

The, little falling _, left it's, calling ; Glowing, in the __, bright, bright, my _; Luminous stars, in their , eternally parading, deep in ; A golden moon, sauntering , pursuing the stars, across the ; A flock of geese, upon their _, lit up by, the full moon's _; Puffy white clouds, upon their , perhaps they'll visit, on another ; The Milky Way's, spiraling __, two lovers lost, in deep _; Paint brush, all dipped in , wondering where, Mars has _; Rings of Saturn, spinning , no lovelier sight, to be ; Coloring a far away, lightening __, Venus and the moon, about to ; Between the eyes, of the __, darkened spaces, of the _; Palette filled, in shades of _, colors changing, with every ; Never a sound, to be , save the tune, of a singing _; Such was, my grandest , while painting, the silent __;

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Path to Destruction! By L. Don Oliver

On a path of least resistance, No matter where it would lead; Aware of only the moment, Never caring what I would seed;

Life was in the fast lane, Spiraling out of my contain; Easier to fault everyone else, Never to accept any blame;

Of those who really cared, Mattered not much to me; A one way path to destruction, Is where I chose to be;

I have kissed the devil, Experienced the false desire; Dwelt in the canyons of hell, Consumed by the raging fire;

No thought of pain caused, Dismissed the wise man's cry; Doomed to eternal solitude, Questioning the reason why;