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Swampyville’s - “Whoo-Whoo”!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Die, do, do, eat, feat, find, fine, goodbye, heart, knife, life, line, line, smart, whoo, whoo.

"Whoo-Whoo"! By L. Don Oliver

We all called him "Whoo-Whoo", No purer person you will ever _; Every morning we would gather, To watch him chugging down the _;

Every morning we would pump our fists, Like little children are oft to ; He would pull his imaginary whistle chain, Then go, "whoo-whoo", "whoo-whoo", "whoo-__";

"Whoo-Whoo" was a slow learner, And he wasn't very __ One thing that he did possess, Was a great big loving __;

The little money he made, From clearing vacant lots, To him that wasn't a great _; Each morning he would buy bread, For all the little birds, And the small animals to ;

One day a small child, Fell into a raging river, Running through a biting rain, That cut like a sharpened __, With no thought of himself, "Whoo-Whoo" jumped into that river, Swam to that little child, And save that baby's _;

"Whoo-Whoo" was still mortal, He had every thing to live for, And he didn't want to ; The last seen in his existence, He was flowing down the river His hand up, waving __;

They found "Whoo-Whoo" a few days later, There was nothing any one could ; Some say that off in the distance, They heard a "whoo-whoo", "whoo-whoo", "whoo-__";

I know that "Whoo-Whoo" is now, With God in heaven and that He is doing just _; For each morning the angels, All gather together to watch, "Whoo-Whoo", chugging down the _;

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Time to Sweep! By L. Don Oliver

There's a time to be awake, There's a time to sleep; There's a time to clutter, There's a time to sweep;

There's a time to reap, There's a time to weep; either, Among the wolves, Are among the sheep;

The sheep will Bleat, The wolves will howl; while, The Special Interests, Steal your crying towel;

There is no difference, Between the left and right; They'll take all you have, With great delight;


Swampyville’s - “In The Sweet Along My Way”!

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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Abide, bait, before, breeze, bring, by, delight, dream, flight, flow, fly, goodbye, high, knee, more, reverie, seize, sing, slow, stream, tide, today, wait, way.

In The Sweet Along My Way! By L. Don Oliver

In the sweet along my way, Reliving memories of the _; In the once, long, long ago, Who could wish for anything _;

Fishing upon the bank, Of a lazy flowing ___; No thoughts of tomorrow, Relaxing within my __;

An old cracked cane pole, Resting gently upon my _; Thoughts of the now, Lost in my __;

The ripple upon the stream. Created by a gentle blowing ___; Sun dancing upon the water, The moment was mine to __;

Sounds of a singing wren, Bass splashing with _; A solitary soaring eagle, Upon it's effortless __;

A greenish blue crab, Drifting along with the _; A turtle upon a fallen tree, It's there that it will __;

A majestic blue Heron, Wading in the shallows _; Right there where all, The smaller fish will _;

A family of Mallards, Gracefully paddling ; Soon they will join others, Upon their Northern _;

A catfish beneath the water, Swimming swiftly upon it's ; Saying to no one in particular, "You'll not catch me __";

Time passes, oh! so quickly, In life it will never _; Guess its time to go, For, I forgot the _;

The descending Sun is yawning, The Moon soon will be _; Time to gather up my gear, And tell all my friends __;

Many love ones are in heaven, There, where the Angels _; While I'm still upon my journey, I will cherish all that life will ___;

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The "New Age" Hunter! by L. Don Oliver

My abduction from reality, By an unforeseen force; Abhorrent desires instilled, Upon my selfish course;

Tracking unsuspecting prey, Pursuing through its domain; Eventing upon its misery, Its eternal sleep for gain;

Tracking "Thumper" through the woods, Was no great thrill to mind; "Flower" stinks to high heaven, No! its "Bambi" and his kind;

Desirous of a trophy prize, Greediness to devour it all; Admiring that creatures head, When mounted upon my wall;


Swampyville’s - “The Lantern’s Glow”

You're The Poet!

One night while driving with my wife by an old family cemetery, I saw a flickering light and remarked to her that a ghost must be on the prowl. She replied; "oh! No!, that's an elderly woman who's husband recently died. She visits his grave every night and sits by it and talks to him". That night when we got home, I wrote the outline for the following poem.

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Again, blows, care, done, fright, gone, home, known, last, night, one, one, past, rain, roam, there.

The Lantern's Glow By. L. Don Oliver

Comes a light through the forest, Preying nocturnal creatures __; Their eerie shadows are dancing, But, she doesn't seem to _;

In the city of the vaulted, Where ghosts and goblins _; A place that, soon one day, She will call her _;

The glow from her lantern, Upon her journey each __; Through the maze of the departed, Extinguishes her darkened ___;

Many dreams have come, And many dreams have _; Through all these years, He was her only ;

She treasures all the moments, Together, they held _; Alas, life is so fleeting, Pleasured moments never _;

Silent words are spoken, Unto her cherished ; Soon she will join him, When life's tasks are _;

The snow gathers around her, But, deep in her heart she __; Nothing seems to dismay her, As the cold wind __;

The winds begin to dwindle, The snow turns to frozen _; The only reality that sustains her, That she, will be with him __;

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Bouquet of Life! by L. Don Oliver

A bouquet of flowers held gently, Gathered at mornings early bright; Placed in a pretty slender vase, Reflecting loves special light;

Flowers caressed so tenderly, By beads of trickling dew; Beautiful petals of life, Unfolding shades of hue;

Honeybees flitting to and fro, pollinating flowers, each and everyone, Oblivious to the morning mist, And the rising life giving sun;

Scented flowers of every dream, Leads to what fate proposes; Life really concerns me not, For I, paused to smell the roses;


Swampyville’s - “Greed”!

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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bar, cast, far, flow, glow, God, past, sad.

Greed! by L. Don Oliver

The labyrinth of my Life, That has ensued thus this ___; Gives no reasons for excuse, When I stand before the bar;

Ghostly eerie creatures dancing, Echos from a pretentious _; Gives rise to the truth, Of the shadows that I've _;

The candle of my being, Is flickering in its _; There will come that day, When it will cease to _;

If ever my never comes, Inter history beneath the ; Shed no tears for yesterday, Render my final fate unto ;

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Stella Louise! by L. Don Oliver

I've never seen the antelope play, Or been where the eagles fly; Felt the warmth of a campfire, Or heard the lonely wolf cry;

I've never seen a beautiful rainbow, Or heard a church bell ring; Never in the darkness of night, Heard a sweet songbird sing;

I've never felt wind upon my face, Or a gentle rain falling down; Never walked upon fresh fallen snow, When it blanketed the ground;

I've never seen a green forest, Or heard a lovely prose; Never paused for a moment, To smell the scented rose;

I've never seen a rambling brook, Or heard the children at play; Never walked along the beach shore, On a bright sun shining day;

I've never seen a mountain high, Or strolled the lush valley below; Never smelled a cultivated field, Or watched the flowers grow;

I've never seen a deep blue sky, Or walked in the morning mist; None of these things have I done, For me they would never exist;


Swampyville’s - “Painting the Silent Night”

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Fill in the below blanks with the following words of use your own words.

Around, bird, blue, by, card, clash, dance, day, delight, flash, fled, flow, found, glow, grace, heard, hue, night, night, red, romance, shown, sight, sky, space, star, unknown, way.

Painting the Silent Night! By L. Don Oliver

The, little falling _, left it's, calling ; Glowing, in the __, bright, bright, my _; Luminous stars, in their , eternally parading, deep in ; A golden moon, sauntering , pursuing the stars, across the ; A flock of geese, upon their _, lit up by, the full moon's _; Puffy white clouds, upon their , perhaps they'll visit, on another ; The Milky Way's, spiraling __, two lovers lost, in deep _; Paint brush, all dipped in , wondering where, Mars has _; Rings of Saturn, spinning , no lovelier sight, to be ; Coloring a far away, lightening __, Venus and the moon, about to ; Between the eyes, of the __, darkened spaces, of the _; Palette filled, in shades of _, colors changing, with every ; Never a sound, to be , save the tune, of a singing _; Such was, my grandest , while painting, the silent __;

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Path to Destruction! By L. Don Oliver

On a path of least resistance, No matter where it would lead; Aware of only the moment, Never caring what I would seed;

Life was in the fast lane, Spiraling out of my contain; Easier to fault everyone else, Never to accept any blame;

Of those who really cared, Mattered not much to me; A one way path to destruction, Is where I chose to be;

I have kissed the devil, Experienced the false desire; Dwelt in the canyons of hell, Consumed by the raging fire;

No thought of pain caused, Dismissed the wise man's cry; Doomed to eternal solitude, Questioning the reason why;


Swampyville’s - “Seeds of the Unwanted”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Arise, be, bless, die, flies, fly, gain, green, me, opportunity, pain, see, seen, tenderness.

Seeds of the Unwanted! By L. Don Oliver

Snow melts and the rain falls, Turning the fields to a lustered __; The life giving sun says good night, And the flickering stars are _;

A seed is planted, Young shoots __; An egg shell is broken, A young songbird __;

Alas, the unwanted in the womb, The future is not their's to _; They call out in great despair, "Who will cry for ";

For those of whom, Would not kill a ; Have no real pity, When the unborn ;

With every loss, Is someone's _; With every success, Is another's _;

For all that once was, And then ceased to ; They will never receive, Another new ___;

Thank you Heavenly Being, For your words that __; That welcome the unwanted, With love and _;

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Co*k Robin's Untimely Demise! By L. Don Oliver

Who killed Co*k Robin, So the old story goes; No one can really say, Cause, no one really knows;

The sparrow said he did it, But there is room for doubt, He was always a braggart, And just wanted to spout;

I did said the Alligator, And I want it understood, I clamped him into my mouth Then chomped him up real good;

The soaring bald eagle, Remarked as he flew by; I clutched him in my talons, Then I watched him die;

The icky sneaky snake said, While crawling through a hollow; I wrapped myself around him, Then took a great big swallow;

Oh! No! said the wren, You've got it all wrong; He expired right after, I crooned him a song;

Oh! Oh! Oh! screamed the big tall bear, He was where he wasn't supposed to be; So I rendered him a great big swat, And knocked him from my honey tree;

When a person is self centered, Everything they do is in fun; It was I who did in Co*k Robin, With my trusty "Red Ryder" BB gun;


Swampyville’s - “Lindsey”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Breeze, could, cry, eye, floor, goes, more, old, seise, should, toes, told.

Lindsey! By L. Don Oliver

She's the beautiful ballerina, Pirouetting around the _; A crowd of one stands and cheers, Then he screams for _;

Dancing the Swan Lake, Like no other __; Performing all the movements, That a lovely ballerina ___;

Her arms fluttering gently, As she glides upon her _; Marveling at the magic, As around and around she _;

Her tiny little skirt swaying, Like a gentle morning ___; The glory of the moment, Is all she wants to __;

Excuse me for a moment, To wipe a tear from my ; Her performance was so beautiful, That it may me ;

Of course there's pride within me, Pride to always be _; This beautiful ballerina is my grand-daughter, Lindsey is seven years ;

Lindsey is now seventeen.

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Wasted Chances! By L. Don Oliver

Sacrificing, of the heart, Flowered gardens, far apart; Wilting down, to vacant row, There again, to never grow; Superficial, life has been, Wasted youth, that was misspent; Fertile fields, to my dismay, Never again, to come my way; Memories, none to share, When there is, no one there;


Swampyville’s - “Highway to Despair”

In that I no longer believe in the Democratic, Republican or the infiltrated Tea Party; but, still believe in the U.S. Constitution, I am now considered to be Un-American for my refusal to go along to get along!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Believe, cloud, crowd, deceive, norm, rain, storm, vain.

Highway to Despair! By L. Don Oliver

Rust covered broken plow Painted over by a monetary now, Is what they constantly _; Nothing from nothing, Will beget something; Is what they wish us to _;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

If never to awake, To the tactics that they take, Blowing smoke into a __; The slight of hand tricks, The pain that it inflicts, Upon a programmed __;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Will we ever take pride, Instead of seeking to hide, From the continuing __; No, we will acquiesce, To their final conquest, And always follow the _;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Brave soldiers who did die, They lay there and cry, From the continuous _; Crying deep within their soul, For the loss of their goal; Their sacrifice was all in _;

And the Highway to Despair, continues!

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My Precious Beloved! By L. Don Oliver

Oh! my precious beloved, Together again we shall meet; Where shade covers the grass, Beneath our Old Oak discreet;

We will lie there together, And gaze up at the sky; Build cloud castles in the air, And watch the world go by;

Plucking the petals from a flower, "She loves me, she loves me not"; Some will say that is passe, But, to me it still means a lot;

I'll recite a tender poem. And you will act a little coy; With our aging hands entwined, We will revisit all our joy;

We will whisper sweet words of love, And try to hold back the tears; Then we will embrace each other, As we have through all the years;

We will not allow our yesterdays, To become but only a memory; For there is much in life to come. So many new things yet to see;


Swampyville’s - “Father’s Day Tribute”

Father's Day Tribute! By L. Don Oliver

Many of children, go to bed; Nary a pillow, for their head; Making do, with what they've got; Fatherly affection, they have not; Mothers cry, alone each night; Hopes and dreams, far from sight; Two or three jobs, they daily go, What tomorrow brings, they never know; To the single mothers, I wish to say; Thank you all, on this Father's day;


Swampyville’s - You’re the Poet - “Ten Morals”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Believe, conceive, distress, life, me, perceive, possess, speak, strife, to, weak, you.

The Ten Morals: By L. Don Oliver

It is morally right to have, Faith for what you _; It is morally wrong to worship, What others deceitfully __;

It is morally wrong to assail others, Even the words we __; It is morally right to rest, On one day of each _;

It is morally right to honor parents, Even if there may be ___; It is morally wrong to purposely, Take someone else's _;

It is morally right to be honest, To the one you're committed ; It is morally wrong to take, That which doesn't belong to _;

It is morally wrong to utter untruths, For most it leads to __; It is morally wrong to be jealous, Of what others may _;

I've aways lived by the "Golden Moral", Of everything that I _; "To always do for others, What I wish them to do for _";

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Sunset of Our Being! By L. Don Oliver

The Sunset of Our Being, It is nearly at it's high; The memories from yesterday, Is tomorrow's sad goodbye;

Dreams that dared to be dreamed, Alas, they will never come true; Those dreams have been destroyed, By the political cunning few;

When twilight meets the night The dreams we use to share; They will all become passe, For those who chose not to care;

The graves of the patriotic ones, Today, they are all in disarray; They're gazing down from heaven above, As their Nation is being given away;

That day will eventually dawn, The Sunset of Our Being is nigh; When it will be too late to say, Where, oh! Where, was I;