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Swampyville’s - “Seeds of the Unwanted”

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Arise, be, bless, die, flies, fly, gain, green, me, opportunity, pain, see, seen, tenderness.

Seeds of the Unwanted! By L. Don Oliver

Snow melts and the rain falls, Turning the fields to a lustered __; The life giving sun says good night, And the flickering stars are _;

A seed is planted, Young shoots __; An egg shell is broken, A young songbird __;

Alas, the unwanted in the womb, The future is not their's to _; They call out in great despair, "Who will cry for ";

For those of whom, Would not kill a ; Have no real pity, When the unborn ;

With every loss, Is someone's _; With every success, Is another's _;

For all that once was, And then ceased to ; They will never receive, Another new ___;

Thank you Heavenly Being, For your words that __; That welcome the unwanted, With love and _;

Previous Poem!

Co*k Robin's Untimely Demise! By L. Don Oliver

Who killed Co*k Robin, So the old story goes; No one can really say, Cause, no one really knows;

The sparrow said he did it, But there is room for doubt, He was always a braggart, And just wanted to spout;

I did said the Alligator, And I want it understood, I clamped him into my mouth Then chomped him up real good;

The soaring bald eagle, Remarked as he flew by; I clutched him in my talons, Then I watched him die;

The icky sneaky snake said, While crawling through a hollow; I wrapped myself around him, Then took a great big swallow;

Oh! No! said the wren, You've got it all wrong; He expired right after, I crooned him a song;

Oh! Oh! Oh! screamed the big tall bear, He was where he wasn't supposed to be; So I rendered him a great big swat, And knocked him from my honey tree;

When a person is self centered, Everything they do is in fun; It was I who did in Co*k Robin, With my trusty "Red Ryder" BB gun;