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You're The Poet!

One night while driving with my wife by an old family cemetery, I saw a flickering light and remarked to her that a ghost must be on the prowl. She replied; "oh! No!, that's an elderly woman who's husband recently died. She visits his grave every night and sits by it and talks to him". That night when we got home, I wrote the outline for the following poem.

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Again, blows, care, done, fright, gone, home, known, last, night, one, one, past, rain, roam, there.

The Lantern's Glow By. L. Don Oliver

Comes a light through the forest, Preying nocturnal creatures __; Their eerie shadows are dancing, But, she doesn't seem to _;

In the city of the vaulted, Where ghosts and goblins _; A place that, soon one day, She will call her _;

The glow from her lantern, Upon her journey each __; Through the maze of the departed, Extinguishes her darkened ___;

Many dreams have come, And many dreams have _; Through all these years, He was her only ;

She treasures all the moments, Together, they held _; Alas, life is so fleeting, Pleasured moments never _;

Silent words are spoken, Unto her cherished ; Soon she will join him, When life's tasks are _;

The snow gathers around her, But, deep in her heart she __; Nothing seems to dismay her, As the cold wind __;

The winds begin to dwindle, The snow turns to frozen _; The only reality that sustains her, That she, will be with him __;

Previous Poem.

Bouquet of Life! by L. Don Oliver

A bouquet of flowers held gently, Gathered at mornings early bright; Placed in a pretty slender vase, Reflecting loves special light;

Flowers caressed so tenderly, By beads of trickling dew; Beautiful petals of life, Unfolding shades of hue;

Honeybees flitting to and fro, pollinating flowers, each and everyone, Oblivious to the morning mist, And the rising life giving sun;

Scented flowers of every dream, Leads to what fate proposes; Life really concerns me not, For I, paused to smell the roses;


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