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Swampyville's - "Greed"!


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bar, cast, far, flow, glow, God, past, sad.

Greed! by L. Don Oliver

The labyrinth of my Life, That has ensued thus this ___; Gives no reasons for excuse, When I stand before the bar;

Ghostly eerie creatures dancing, Echos from a pretentious _; Gives rise to the truth, Of the shadows that I've _;

The candle of my being, Is flickering in its _; There will come that day, When it will cease to _;

If ever my never comes, Inter history beneath the ; Shed no tears for yesterday, Render my final fate unto ;

Previous Poem.

Stella Louise! by L. Don Oliver

I've never seen the antelope play, Or been where the eagles fly; Felt the warmth of a campfire, Or heard the lonely wolf cry;

I've never seen a beautiful rainbow, Or heard a church bell ring; Never in the darkness of night, Heard a sweet songbird sing;

I've never felt wind upon my face, Or a gentle rain falling down; Never walked upon fresh fallen snow, When it blanketed the ground;

I've never seen a green forest, Or heard a lovely prose; Never paused for a moment, To smell the scented rose;

I've never seen a rambling brook, Or heard the children at play; Never walked along the beach shore, On a bright sun shining day;

I've never seen a mountain high, Or strolled the lush valley below; Never smelled a cultivated field, Or watched the flowers grow;

I've never seen a deep blue sky, Or walked in the morning mist; None of these things have I done, For me they would never exist;


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