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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below banks with the following words or use your own words.

All, course, domain, force, vain, wall.

Vanity! by L. Don Oliver

My abduction from reality, By an unforeseen __; Abhorrent desires instilled, Upon my selfish ___;

Tracking unsuspecting prey, Pursuing through its ___; Eventing upon its misery, With eternal sleep for _;

Desirous of a trophy prize, Reluctance to devour at ; Extolling that creatures head, When mounted upon my _;

Previous Poem.

The American Horse By L. Don Oliver

By destiny compelled, and in despair; The people grew tired, of their ensnare; Weary of the promises, they were made; And for the bounty, that they had paid; So they said, to those who were in doubt; Together we must throw, the corrupted ones out; The people went forth, in their quest; Of the unlistening ones, they would divest; By Political pry, an object was reared; A steed of monstrous height, soon appeared; It's sides were all masked, in watery clay; There inside, is where the corrupted lay; Secretly they plotted, it was their plan; All the people of the town, they would scam; When the object was raised, above the town; It crushed the walls, and they tumbled down; Off into the distance, the corrupted fled; Leaving that town, they had thoroughly bled; And when the event, of morning had dawned; That town's prosperity, had all been pawned; All this by design, for political fraud of source; So never trust their promises, nor admit their horse;


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