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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Away, care, disarray, few, goodbye, high, I, nigh, share, there.

Sunset of Our Being! By L. Don Oliver

The Sunset of Our Being, It is nearly at it's _; The memories from yesterday, Is tomorrow's sad __;

Dreams that dared to be dreamed, Alas, they will never come _; Those dreams have been destroyed, By the political cunning ;

When twilight meets the night The dreams we use to __; They will all become passe, For those who chose not to _;

The graves of the patriotic ones, Today, they are all in _; They're gazing down from heaven above, As their Nation is being given ___;

That day will eventually dawn, The Sunset of Our Being is __; When it will be too late to say, Where, oh! Where, was _;

Has Memorial day become meaningless for those who have never served their Country?

Previous Poem.

Ship of Memories! By L. Don Oliver

I see the ships, upon the far; As they race, to cross the bar; Full sails, billowing briskly there; No sailors regret, for those who dare; Phosphorus waves, gently being splashed; Flowering Main, pleading to be lashed; Disciplined crew, upon the deck; The valorous ones, that I respect; Never an all night in, they are alone; With their thoughts, ever drifting home; Eight peals sound, from the ships bell; signalling that, all is well; Lightening flashing, in the night; Scaring the darkness, into light; Flickering lanterns, upon their posts; Dancing shadows, of wandering ghosts; White horses building, a storm ahead; Ship ahull, awaiting the dread; Howling winds, prayers of return; Homeward bound, every sailor's yearn; The tempest line, they have crossed; There upon the bow, an albatross; In the ocean, a dolphin plays; Out where, King Neptune stays; Brave souls, venture out to sea; That is where, I long to be;


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