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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Blow, low, me, might, night, see, thin, within.

Gift of Life! By L. Don Oliver

The storm clouds were building, The heart was sinking ; The rain came pouring down, The angry winds began to _;

Lightening flashing above my head, The paint less walls wearing _; Then, you opened your loving arms, And enclosed me there ___;

You kissed my troubled brow, Hugging me with all your __; Tenderly, you sang songs of love, All through that wakeful __;

When the new light had dawned, Restful sleep was mine to _; Mama, I will always love you, For your precious gift to ;

Previous Poem.

Vanity! by L. Don Oliver

My abduction from reality, By an unforeseen source; Abhorrent desires instilled, Upon my selfish course;

Tracking unsuspecting prey, Pursuing through its domain; Eventing upon its misery, With eternal sleep for vain;

Desirous of a trophy prize, Reluctance to devour at all; Extolling that creatures head, When mounted upon my wall;


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