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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Believe, conceive, distress, life, me, perceive, possess, speak, strife, to, weak, you.

The Ten Morals: By L. Don Oliver

It is morally right to have, Faith for what you _; It is morally wrong to worship, What others deceitfully __;

It is morally wrong to assail others, Even the words we __; It is morally right to rest, On one day of each _;

It is morally right to honor parents, Even if there may be ___; It is morally wrong to purposely, Take someone else's _;

It is morally right to be honest, To the one you're committed ; It is morally wrong to take, That which doesn't belong to _;

It is morally wrong to utter untruths, For most it leads to __; It is morally wrong to be jealous, Of what others may _;

I've aways lived by the "Golden Moral", Of everything that I _; "To always do for others, What I wish them to do for _";

Previous Poem.

Sunset of Our Being! By L. Don Oliver

The Sunset of Our Being, It is nearly at it's high; The memories from yesterday, Is tomorrow's sad goodbye;

Dreams that dared to be dreamed, Alas, they will never come true; Those dreams have been destroyed, By the political cunning few;

When twilight meets the night The dreams we use to share; They will all become passe, For those who chose not to care;

The graves of the patriotic ones, Today, they are all in disarray; They're gazing down from heaven above, As their Nation is being given away;

That day will eventually dawn, The Sunset of Our Being is nigh; When it will be too late to say, Where, oh! Where, was I;


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