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In that I no longer believe in the Democratic, Republican or the infiltrated Tea Party; but, still believe in the U.S. Constitution, I am now considered to be Un-American for my refusal to go along to get along!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Believe, cloud, crowd, deceive, norm, rain, storm, vain.

Highway to Despair! By L. Don Oliver

Rust covered broken plow Painted over by a monetary now, Is what they constantly _; Nothing from nothing, Will beget something; Is what they wish us to _;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

If never to awake, To the tactics that they take, Blowing smoke into a __; The slight of hand tricks, The pain that it inflicts, Upon a programmed __;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Will we ever take pride, Instead of seeking to hide, From the continuing __; No, we will acquiesce, To their final conquest, And always follow the _;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Brave soldiers who did die, They lay there and cry, From the continuous _; Crying deep within their soul, For the loss of their goal; Their sacrifice was all in _;

And the Highway to Despair, continues!

Previous Poem.

My Precious Beloved! By L. Don Oliver

Oh! my precious beloved, Together again we shall meet; Where shade covers the grass, Beneath our Old Oak discreet;

We will lie there together, And gaze up at the sky; Build cloud castles in the air, And watch the world go by;

Plucking the petals from a flower, "She loves me, she loves me not"; Some will say that is passe, But, to me it still means a lot;

I'll recite a tender poem. And you will act a little coy; With our aging hands entwined, We will revisit all our joy;

We will whisper sweet words of love, And try to hold back the tears; Then we will embrace each other, As we have through all the years;

We will not allow our yesterdays, To become but only a memory; For there is much in life to come. So many new things yet to see;


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