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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Be, cry, day, fight, game, grip, lip, play, right, same, tree, why.

Persistence! By L. Don Oliver

When I was eight years old, As chubby as I could ; Tommy sent word he wanted To meet under the pecan __;

The sun was shining brightly, It was a very warm ; I discovered very soon, Tommy was not there to _;

He wanted to fight, And I didn't know ; He swung and missed, And I made him ;

Happening on several occasions, The outcome was the _; He would start the fracas, And I would end the _;

The last time we met, I didn't have my _; Tommy swung and hit me, Splitting my upper ;

It wasn't out of anger, It wasn't just to __; Tommy kept on trying, Until he got it __;

I didn't know why he wanted to challenge me. We met on several occasions under Mr. Rice's pecan tree. I would take him down and hold him until he said uncle. The last time we brawled, I discovered his reason after he got a lucky punch in. I grabbed him by his shirt and drew back to hit him. He had a big smile on his face. No, I didn't hit him. At that moment I understood. I smiled back!

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Recollection Day! By L. Don Oliver

The world was at war, Of course that's nothing new; The planters of the fields, Were counting their sowing due;

It was approaching that day, That comes to one and all, Anticipation of that occasion, Individually, we will recall;

Four days after Christmas, Was my annual day; Never a special event, Much to my dismay;

Watching Mama sneak one, Which she had every right to d0; In a world of dubious hope, With its ever changing hue;

When that day arrived, That day we all retake; There with five candles aglow, A chocolate pecan cake;


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