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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Appeared, bled, clay, dawned, despair, divest, doubt, down, ensnare, fled, horse, lay, made, out, paid. pawned, plan, quest, reared, scam, source, town.

The American Horse By L. Don Oliver

By destiny compelled, and in _; The people grew tired, of their _; Weary of the promises, they were _; And for the bounty, that they had ; So they said, to those who were in __; Together we must throw, the corrupted ones ; The people went forth, in their __; Of the unlistening ones, they would ; By Political pry, an object was ; A steed of monstrous height, soon __; It's sides were all masked, in watery ; There inside, is where the corrupted ; Secretly they plotted, it was their ; All the people of the town, they would _; When the object was raised, above the ; It crushed the walls, and they tumbled _; Off into the distance, the corrupted ; Leaving that town, they had thoroughly _; And when the event, of morning had ; That town's prosperity, had all been ; All this by design, for political fraud of ; So never trust their promises, nor admit their _;

Previous Poem.

Unnatural! By L. Don Oliver

The little humble bumble bee, Upon a lovely rose it feeds; Then darts to another flower, To provide it what it needs;

The tree seed trickles down, Settling upon the ground a soak; And when time has passed, It becomes the mighty oak;

Two spotted winged mockingbirds, Doing a love dance in the sky; Soon both will built their nest, And then watch their offspring fly;

It's the intelligent humans, That endeavors to explore; Then defies Mother Nature, Whom they choose to ignore;


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