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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use you're own words.

All, cake, day, dismay, do, due, hue, new, recall, retake.

Recollection Day! By L. Don Oliver

The world was at war, Of course that's nothing _; The planters of the fields, Were counting their sowing ;

It was approaching that day, That comes to one and , Anticipation of that occasion, Individually, we will ___;

Four days after Christmas, Was my annual ; Never a special event, Much to my ___;

Watching Mama sneak one, Which she had every right to ; In a world of dubious hope, With its ever changing _;

When that day arrived, That day we all ___; There with five candles aglow, A chocolate pecan _;

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I Heard the Robin Sing! by L. Don Oliver

When I was the innocent one, One morning in early spring; No thought of true reason, I heard the Robin sing;

He sang his sweet song of life, Of hope, faith, and charity; He sang of his everlasting wish, For a world in perfect harmony;

He sang his precious sweet song, For conflict to never start; Then came the makers of hate, And tore all his dreams apart;

There alone upon his perch, While others were at sleep; In the darkness of night, I heard the Robin weep;


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