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Swampyville's You're Going Home; "Autumn Prayer"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Blue, day, leaves, moon, play, soon, true, weaves.

Autumn Prayer! By L. Don Oliver

The sun dancing upon the water, Where the Rainbow Trout _; The wind caressing the trees, On this lovely Autumn ;

As I stand upon the shore. The sky above crystal _; A flock of geese upon the wing, On a Southern course so _;

Flower seeds have gone to rest, Frost will be descending _; Praying for a cloudless night, And a golden harvest _;

As I walk along the stream, Among the gathering ___; With bowed head, I thank God, For the beauty that he __;

Previous Poem.

Going Home! By L. Don Oliver

Now I lay me down to sleep, The day has been so long; In Heaven there's a place for me, And I am going home;

Yesterday was but a dream, One that has come and gone; Gabriel is sounding his trumpet, And I am going home;

Shed not a tear for me, For loving was my lasting song; The celestial orchestra is playing, And I am going home;

No more pain and misery, Nor lost in a twilight zone; The angels are singing songs of joy, And I am going home;

They are crying tears of happiness, Up where sadness will never roam; Upon the wings of cherubs, I am going home;


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