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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Around, care, Dad, down, fame, names, sad, there.

My Heroes! By L. Don Oliver

Many times when I was young, Needing someone to _; When I would stumble and fall, They would always be __;

I had heroes in my life, Having neither fortune or _; I had heroes in my life, Who never called me __;

They never hit a home run, Or scored a winning _; They never made a free throw, Or kicked a soccer ball __;

I had heroes in my life, Who lifted me when I was ; I had heroes in my life, My Mom and my ;

Previous poem!

To Be An American! By L. Don Oliver

Do you pray to your God, When you're down on one knee; Give thanks to those who died, So that you could remain free;

Do you tell your family every day, "You love them", especially your mate; Do you help someone who's in need, With their struggle with fate;

Do you hold a hand over your heart, When the stars and stripes go by; Do you sing the Star Spangled Banner, With a grateful tear in your eye;

Your life, fortune, and sacred honor, Do you pledge all these to give; For your family to be free from want, As long as they shall live;

Did you swear an oath, Should your nation fall; You will always be ready, To answer it's call;

Were you born in this country, Or legally come from other foreign lands; Do you understand the Constitution, And all the responsibilities that it demands;

Do you obey the established law, Whether you agree with it or not; Do you work within the system, And give it your best shot;

Do you vote in every election, And never cheat the tax Man; If so, you've earned the right, To be called; "An American";


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