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Swampyville's You're the Poet; "To Be An American"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

American, by, call, demands, eye, fall, fate, free, give, knee, lands, live, man, mate, not, shot.

To Be An American! By L. Don Oliver

Do you pray to your God, When you're down on one _; Give thanks to those who died, So that you could remain _;

Do you tell your family every day, "You love them", especially your _; Do you help someone who's in need, With their struggle with _;

Do you hold a hand over your heart, When the stars and stripes go ; Do you sing the Star Spangled Banner, With a grateful tear in your _;

Your life, fortune, and sacred honor, Do you pledge all these to _ For your family to be free from want, As long as they shall _;

Did you swear an oath, Should your nation _; You will always be ready, To answer it's _;

Were you born in this country, Or legally come from other foreign __ Do you understand the Constitution, And all the responsibilities that it ___

Do you obey the establised law, Whether you agree with it or ; Do you work within the system, And give it your best _;

Do you vote in every election, And never cheat the tax If so, you've earned the right, To be called; "An __";

Previous Poem:

Autumn Prayer! By L. Don Oliver

The sun dancing upon the water, Where the Rainbow Trout play; The wind caressing the trees, On this lovely Autumn day;

As I stand upon the shore. The sky above crystal blue; A flock of geese upon the wing, On a Southern course so true;

Flower seeds have gone to rest, Frost will be descending soon; Praying for a cloudless night, And a golden harvest moon;

As I walk along the stream, Among the gathering leaves; With bowed head, I thank God, For the beauty that he weaves;


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