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Swampyville;s Political Rhymes; "The Coat of Changing Colors"


The Coat of Changing Colors! By L. Don Oliver

They wear a Coat of Changing Colors, Depending on which way the winds blow; The politicians keep the people guessing, In hopes that they will never know;

Now they're wearing a Coat of Blue, Soon to be changed to Blue and Red; They will continue bleeding the people, To insure their own bank accounts are fed;

Caring not about the Constitution, Flushing it down their commode; The Federal Courts decide for them, While this nation continues to implode;

They wish upon the peasants, Only an incurable fatal pock; And for this to eventually happen, Requires an eternal "Grid Lock";

Talking heads stand in front of Congress, Spouting their rhetoric and much more, While their co-conspirators spirit, The People's money out the back door;


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