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Swampyville's - "Drifting With the Breeze"!


From the Swampyville Gazette!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Away, discuss, fro, know, obey, play, us, way.

Drifting With the Breeze! By L. Don Oliver

Upon the breeze, the changing leaves, Are carried hither and ; Never to last, their final cast; In time they will eventually _;

They are tossed about, up and down, They slowly drift and fade _; Then turning from rust, back into dust, It's the deceivers they must _;

There if you please, the falling leaves, They are much a lot like __; We're thrown about, with mistrust and doubt, And things we dare not _;

This should not be, for us to see, When there is always a better ; A solid rock, will absorb the shock, No matter what game they _;

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A Swampyville Spring! By L. Don Oliver

In my seventy third Spring, The squirrels are digging up their stash; The little sparrow is on the wing, The honeybee and hummingbird about to clash;

The Blue Heron is on it's perch, Waiting for a tasty meal to swim by; The flowers are unfolding their blooms, Where the warbling wrens still fly;

A black racer snake chasing a lizard, The fish are leaping in the brook; A frog croaking upon a lily pad, The hungry bear departs it's nook;

An unconcerned cold blooded Alligator, Lazily sunning upon a fallen tree; A large clump of water hyacinths, floating to where they shouldn't be

Fishing with an old cane pole, Watching the cork bobbing along; Lifting the line from the water, No worry that the bait is gone;

Remembering a far away youth, Searching for a four leaf clover; Perhaps one day I will find it, Before this existence is over;

The leaves are shading green, The cypress trees are growing tall; I will enjoy every approaching spring, Until, for me, there is none at all;


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