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Excerpt from the Swampyville Gazette!

Reading between the Lines!


The Herd Mentality!

The term herd mentality is the word herd, meaning "group of animals", and mentality, implying a certain frame of mind. However the most succinct definition would be: "how large numbers of people follow in certain directions at the same times and never care where they are being led".

Herd behavior is distinguished from herd mentality because it applies to all animals, whereas the term mentality implies a uniquely human phenomenon. Herd mentality implies a fear-based reaction to peer pressure which makes individuals follow in order to avoid the feeling of being "left behind" from the group. Herd mentality is also sometimes known as "mob mentality". Actually, there is little difference between herd behavior and herd mentality when it comes to Politics!!

The Herd Roundup!

Large numbers of cattle live in a semi-wilderness state on the open range (suburbia) and are left to graze, mostly untended, for much of the time. In many cases, different ranchers (elitists/government) have formed "associations" (Special Interests - both, Democratic/Republican)) and graze their cattle together on the same range (Liberal Colleges/Universities). In order to later determine the "ownership" of these animals, they are marked with a distinctive brand (Social Security Number), applied usually while the cattle are still young calves. The primary cattle breed seen on the open range is the Caucasian Peon, descended from the original European Caucasian Peon imported in the 16th century, though other breeds of cattle were also imported, including the more hardier African Conscript (Slaves), Hispanic Illegals (undocumented workers? - mainly Mexican) and Asian breeds to increase profits (votes/taxes)!

In order to find young calves for branding (brainwashing), and to sort out mature (Middle Class) animals intended for market, ranchers hold a roundup, every year during April. A roundup requires a number of specialized skills on the part of Progressive cowboys (Elitists/Politicians) and horses (Biased Media). Individuals who separate tax paying cattle from the herd require the highest level of skill and ride specially trained "cutting" horses (Biased Media), trained to follow the movements of cattle, capable of stopping and turning faster than other horses (Unbiased Media). Once the cattle are sorted, most cowboys are required to rope young calves and restrain them to be branded and (in the case of some male calves) castrated. Often it is also necessary to restrain older cattle, who have out lived their usefulness (reaching Social Security age) and have become a burden on the ranchers and no longer are profitable. These older cattle are eventually driven to glue factories!

A large number of horses (Biased Media) are needed for a roundup. Each cowboy requires several fresh horses (Media Outlets) in the course of a day's work. Horses themselves are also rounded up. It is common practice for young foals to be born of tame (brainwashed) mares, but allowed to grow up "wild" in a semi-wilderness state on the open range. There are also "uncompromising" herds, often known as Mustangs (Grass root Movements). Both types are rounded up, and the animals tamed (brainwashed), a process called horse breaking, or "bronco-busting", usually performed by Progressive cowboys who specialize in manipulating horses. In some cases, extremely brutal methods are used to tame horses, and such animals tended to never be completely reliable (Tea Party). However, the cowboys became aware of the need to treat animals in a more progressive (Manipulating) fashion and modified their horse training methods (Adjusted Marxist Socialism), often re-learning techniques used by their predecessors, particularly those of the Marxist Socialist tradition. Horses trained in this altered progressive fashion are more reliable and useful for a wider variety of tasks; such as, herding the cattle into an urban environment until they are ready for the "Slaughter House".

The cattle are contented as long as the ranchers furnish them their every need!

For those of you that are concerned about future (programmed) tax paying cattle - Let not your insignificant heart be troubled - They will be created, with altered genes, by artificial means in a Laboratory!


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