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From the Swampyville Gazette!

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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Blows, consent, content, fright, knows, loud, shroud, sight.

A Tall Tales Winter! By L. Don Oliver

The sun is shinning bright, With a warming delight, In a Winter of our _; No thought of the North, Summer apparel we sport, Of this we willingly _;

Snow clouds are building, A warm front is shielding, From the frozen ___; Pine trees begin scowling, To the Northeast they are bowing, From the screaming wind's _;

The tree line once standing, Is no longer commanding, The pleasures of it's __; The disappearance of it's form, That once came with each morn, Leave's only feelings of ___;

What's bad for the Drake, Maybe good for the Snake, But, no one really __; We still have to defend, On what reality sends, After a destructive wind __;


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