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From the Swampyville Gazette!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Brings, flame, ground, lane, light, made, me, night, persuade, profound, see, things.

Whenever Never Comes! By L. Don Oliver

Whenever my never comes, And there will come that __; Looking back upon the road of life, Did I venture the proper _?;

Taking everything for granted, Was the only avenue for ; Never searching for the answers, That closed eyes refused to _;

Spring vanished into Summer, Like a thief in the __; Summer escaped into Autumn, Altering its changing __;

Winter was but a moment, Regrets blanketed the ___; No more tomorrows to come, Life is so deeply _;

Never, did I say the right words, Nor, did I do the little ___; To enjoy each awakening hour, And the beauty that it ___;

Now that life has passed me by, Only destiny remains to _; What will be the consequence, Of the choices that were ___?;

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Rushing Through the Day! By L. Don Oliver

I had no time for family, I had no time to pray; I had no time for the youth, Rushing through the day;

I had no time for the needy, Yet, I found plenty of time to play; I had no time for the sick, Rushing through the day;

I had no time for the elderly, What more is left to say; Busy with my own life, Rushing through the day;

When I reached the Pearly Gates, I asked; "Lord, what shall I do?"; God replied as he closed the gates, "I have no time for you";


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