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From the Swampyville Gazette!

You are the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Day, day, day, do, play, pray, say, you.

Rushing Through the Day! By L. Don Oliver

I had no time for family, I had no time to _; I had no time for the youth, Rushing through the ;

I had no time for the needy, Yet, I found plenty of time to _; I had no time for the sick, Rushing through the ;

I had no time for the elderly, What more is left to ; Busy with my own life, Rushing through the ;

When I reached the Pearly Gates, I asked; "Lord, what shall I ?"; God replied as he closed the gates, "I have no time for ";

Previous poem!

A Tall Tales Winter! By L. Don Oliver

The sun is shinning bright, With a warming delight, In a Winter of our content; No thought of the North, Summer apparel we sport, Of this we willingly consent;

Snow clouds are building, A warm front is shielding, From the frozen shroud; Pine trees begin scowling, To the Northeast they are bowing, From the screaming wind's loud;

The tree line once standing, Is no longer commanding, The pleasures of it's sight; The disappearance of it's form, That once came with each morn, Leave's only feelings of fright;

What's bad for the Drake, Maybe good for the Snake, But, no one really knows; We still have to defend, On what reality sends, After a destructive wind blows;


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