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From the Swampyville Gazette!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Demands, grave, grow, hands, row, save, sing, sing, spring, spring.

The Flower Garden! by L. Don Oliver

She planted a flower garden, In the early ___; When the Eagle soars, And the Robins _;

Pretty carnations and marigolds, Planted all in a ; She planted red roses, And watched them _;

Every morning she cultivated them, With her lovely delicate __; Until one day she succumbed,

From all of life's

Most of the flowers lived, Some we could not _, We picked all the fresh ones, And placed them on her __;

We planted a flower garden, In the early ___; When the Eagle soars, And the Robins _;

Previous Poem!

Leap of Faith! By L. Don Oliver

Where oh! where, is the mind; Life oh! life, can unwind;

Down, down, into the unshown; Reason why, never known;

Hearing, the Grim Reaper's cry; Is it just the wind, rushing by;

Into a deep abyss, where I fall; Hoping Heaven, will hear my call;

Flowering wings, about to sail; Praying that, providence will prevail;

New life, billowing aloud; Meandering along, like a cloud;

Clear eyes, deep blue skies; Up where, the eagle flies;

Assured that life, is at an ease; Floating gently, in the breeze;

All fear gone, faith by my side; Upon Earth's Green, I'll soon abide;


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