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From the Swampyville Gazette!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Abide, aloud, breeze, by, call, cloud, cry, ease, fall, flies, mind, prevail, sail, shown, side, skies, unknown, unwind.

Leap of Faith! By L. Don Oliver

Where oh! where, is the _; Life oh! life, can ___;

Down, down, into the _; Reason why, never _;

Hearing, the Grim Reaper's _; Is it just the wind, rushing ;

Into a deep abyss, where I _; Hoping Heaven, will hear my _;

Flowering wings, about to _; Praying that, providence will __;

New life, billowing __; Meandering along, like a __;

Clear eyes, deep blue __; Up where, the eagle __;

Assured that life, is at an _; Floating gently, in the ___;

All fear gone, faith by my _; Upon Earth's Green, I'll soon __;

Previous Poem:

Drifting With the Breeze! By L. Don Oliver

Upon the breeze, the changing leaves, Are carried hither and fro; Never to last, their final cast; In time they will eventually know;

They are tossed about, up and down, They slowly drift and fade away; Then turning from rust, back into dust, It's the deceivers they must obey;

There if you please, the falling leaves, They are much a lot like us; We're thrown about, with mistrust and doubt, And things we dare not discuss;

This should not be, for us to see, When there is always a better way; A solid rock, will absorb the shock, No matter what game they play;


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