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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Be, blame, contain, cry, desire, fire, lead, me, said, why.

Dawn of Destruction. (Addiction) By L. Donald Oliver

On a path of least resistance, No matter where it may _; Aware of only the moment, Never caring what I would _;

Life was in the fast lane, Spiraling out of my _; Easier to fault everyone else, Never to accept any _;

Of those who really cared, Mattered not much to ; A one way path to destruction, Is where I chose to ;

I have kissed the devil, Experienced the false ___; Dwelt in the canyons of hell, Consumed by the raging _;

No thought of pain caused, Dismissed the wise man's ; Doomed to eternal damnation, Questioning the reason ;

Previous Poem!

That Day (911) By L. Don Oliver

Worldly hope lost, Tragic misery bane; Winds of evil,
Exacting the pain;

Why it happened, Never to know; It's their calling, They must go;

Caring courageous people,
No self thought; Bravely rushed in, Where danger wrought;

Earthly life vanquished, Heaven's fortunate gain; Now God's Angels, Preventing their vain;


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