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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

All, behind, by, call, cry, dear, hear, kind.

Faded Portrait! by L. Don Oliver

Faded portrait on the wall, Of someone held so _; If you listen very closely, There's a voice you can _;

Whisper of forever memories, Of the happy times gone ; Love of the ones touched, And what made them _;

Faded portrait on the wall, Of someone sweet and _; Who will never be forgotten, By those who were left ___;

When we gather together again, When God gives his final _; We will discover very soon, That portrait wasn't faded at ;

Previous Poem!

Cavern of Loneliness! By L. Don Oliver

In the grotto of my being, where I allow none to enter; For if I was ever to do so, then I wouldn't be the center;

Hearing the ghosts of life, and the song that they sing; Caring not about tomorrow, or for what it will bring;

Lost in the echoing silence, in the world of my charade; Quick to always blame others, for the mistakes that I've made;

In a cavern of loneliness, where so many choose to dwell, One small step from reality, and one giant leap to hell;



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