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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bind, dream, hide, mind, night, pride, right, scheme.

Choices! By L. Don Oliver

It came upon me clearly, remembrance of that __; Misery for the ones I love, my choice of wrong or __;

Perhaps it was my ego, maybe it was my __; A decision made in haste, that I could not _;

Chains wrapped in selfishness, are the ties that _; Circling they enclosed me, within my shallowed _;

Iron bars will a prison make, for those who choose to ___; Self constructed by a fool, who never dared to __;

Previous Poem.

Teenage Spring! By L. Don Oliver

Your teenage spring, is such a frightening thing, when night never meets the day; Sometimes you cry and cry, no one can understand why, or what you are trying to say;

Parents say don't you do, what they did too, when they were your age; They think they know how, just what to do now, to write your future page;

They don't live in your time, where answers are hard to find, they can't ache the way you feel, But parents do ache at night, when you are far from their sight, their worries they try to shield;

And in the final sum, their sleep will never come, while you are still away; No one knows the secret of, this thing we call love, but it "must" be shown every day;


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