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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Age, away, day, day, feel, page, say, shield.

Teenage Spring! By L. Don Oliver

Your teenage spring, is such a frightening thing, when night never meets the ; Sometimes you cry and cry, no one can understand why, or what you are trying to ;

Parents say don't you do, what they did too, when they were your ; They think they know how, just what to do now, to write your future _;

They don't live in your time, where answers are hard to find, they can't ache the way you _, But parents do ache at night, when you are far from their sight, their worries they try to ___;

And in the final sum, their sleep will never come, while you are still _; No one knows the secret of, this thing we call love, but it "must" be shown every ;

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The Progressive Highway! By L. Don Oliver

Rust covered broken plow, Painted over by a monetary now, Is what they constantly deceive; Nothing from nothing, Will beget something; Is what they wish us to believe;

And the Progressive Highway Continues!

If never to awake, To the tactics they take, Blowing smoke into a cloud; The slight of hand tricks, The pain that it inflicts, Upon a programmed crowd;

And the Progressive Highway Continues!

Will we ever take pride, Instead of seeking to hide, From their continuing storm; No, we will acquiesce, To their final behest, And always follow the norm;

And the Progressive Highway Continues!

Brave soldiers who have died, They lay there and cry, From the gradual reforming rain; Crying deep within their soul, For the loss of their goal; Their sacrifice was all in vain;

And the Progressive Highway Continues!


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