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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Apart, been, dismay, grow, heart, misspent, row, share, there, way.

Wasted Chances! By L. Don Oliver

Sacrificing, of the __, Flowered gardens, far ; Wilting down, to vacant , There again, to never _; Superficial, life has _, Wasted youth, that was __; Fertile fields, to my , Never again, to come my ; Memories, none to __, When there is, no one ;

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Nature's Nectar! By L. Don Oliver

Storm clouds appear, Awakening one's fear, Building upon it's way; The lightening streaks, The thunder shrieks, Complaining along it's sway; The winds twirl, The clouds swirl, Rampaging over the plain; The nectar descends, To what depends, Upon the falling rain; The flowers grow, The streams flow, Down the mountain side, The rivers explore, To the ocean's shore, Where the sea birds abide; The Solar insist, Of the morning mist, To gather in the sky, Nature's Nectar will fall, To one and all, So they will never die;


David Lignell 6 years, 2 months ago

Not sure if I'm following the rules, Swampyville. Still, you've made me feel poetic once again:

Sacrificing dreams anchored in inner thoughts. Flowered gardens, far outside of budget; Wilting down to vacant lots. There again, to never create an idea worth discussion; Superficial, life has worn me thin. Wasted youth filled with hope and blanketed with fear; Fertile fields, to my vision obscured never again to come before my imagination; Memories, none to purchase or discuss, When there is no one to hear. It matters little.

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