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Swampyville's - "Bein the Beguine"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bath, go, house, know, mouse, wrath.

Begin the Beguine! By L. Don Oliver

A flight of scavengers, Circling above my __; I Can't smell any odor, Perhaps an unlucky __;

Their choice of my abode, This I may never __; Soaring in their little circle, As around and around they ;

Slowly they begin descending, Espying their apparent __; Realizing upon their approach, It's time to take a _;

Previous Poem.

Lindsey! By L. Don Oliver

She's the beautiful ballerina, Pirouetting around the floor; A crowd of one stands and cheers, Then he screams for more;

Dancing the Swan Lake, Like no other could; Performing all the movements, That a lovely ballerina should;

Her arms fluttering gently, As she glides upon her toes; Marveling at the magic, As around and around she goes;

Her tiny little skirt swaying, Like a gentle morning breeze; The glory of the moment, Is all she wants to seize;

Excuse me for a moment, To wipe a tear from my eye; Her performance was so beautiful, That it may me cry;

Of course there's pride within me, Pride to always be told; This beautiful ballerina is my grand-daughter, Lindsey is seven years old;


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