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Swampyville's - "Red Robin's Untimely Demise"


You're the Poet!

It has been said that confessions are good for the troubled mind. I've been living with this dastardly crime all of my life. It feels great to get it off of my chest!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Be, by, die, doubt, fun, goes, good, gun, hollow, knows, song, spout, swallow, tree, understood, wrong.

Red Robin's Untimely Demise! By L. Don Oliver

Who killed Red Robin, So the old story _; No one can really say, Cause, no one really __;

The sparrow said he did it, But there is room for __, He was always a braggart, And just wanted to __;

I did said the Alligator, And I want it _, I clamped him into my mouth Then chomped him up real ;

The soaring bald eagle, Remarked as he flew ; I clutched him in my talons, Then I watched him _;

The icky sneaky snake said, While crawling through a ___; I wrapped myself around him, Then took a great big __;

Oh! No! said the wren, You've got it all __; He expired right after, I crooned him a _;

Oh! Oh! Oh! screamed the big tall bear, He was where he wasn't supposed to ; So I rendered him a great big swat, And knocked him from my honey __;

When a person is self centered, Everything they do is in ; It was I who did in Red Robin, With my trusty "Red Ryder" BB ;

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Begin the Beguine! By L. Don Oliver

A flight of scavengers, Circling above my house; I Can't smell any odor, Perhaps an unlucky mouse;

Their choice of my abode, This I may never know; Soaring in their little circle, As around and around they go;

Slowly they begin descending, Espying their apparent wrath; Realizing upon their approach, It's time to take a bath;


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