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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Away, be, be, close, goes, pose, pose, propose, rose, rose, rose, rose, rose, see, see, suppose, suppose, sway.

Bartering IT Away!! By L. Don Oliver

Give me a _, I'll show you a , That no one else can ; If you give me a , Then I will _, That it was meant to ; I'll give you a _, If you show me a , That only I can ; If I give you a , Then you can _, That it was meant to ; Some use it I _, At each day's __, As a reason to ; Rose, Rose, _, That's how it , Bartering Freedom __;

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The Garden! by L. Don Oliver

She planted a flower garden, In the early spring; When the Eagle soars, And the Robins sing;

Pretty carnations and marigolds, Planted all in a row; She planted red roses, And watched them grow;

Every morning she cultivated them, With her lovely delicate hands; Until one day she succumbed,
From all of life's demands;

Most of the flowers lived, Some we could not save, We picked all the remaining ones, And placed them on her grave;

We planted a vegetable garden, In the early spring; Now that the Eagle isn't allowed to soar, And the Robins are forbidden to sing;


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