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Swampyville's Ask the Politically Correct!

Question: What is Raising the Debt Ceiling all about?

Politically Correct Resolution:

In the beginning the government was given an income, taxes (by force). They used it to pay for votes to get reelected and played "Sugar Daddy" to the special interest groups. thus, spending or giving it all away. When they spent/gave away all the company's money, they applied for a credit card from a lending agent (International Financial Interests) with a promise to pay the principal and interest on this credit card using tax payer money. Their employer (the people) never gave them permission to obtain this credit card. Eventually, they maxed out this credit card and couldn't meet the payment due date. To pay just the interest on this maxed out credit card they applied for an increase, doubling the amount of principle and interest that was owed to the creditors. When the due date came to pay the interests on this new credit debt, the government applied again for an increase that tripled the amount of principle and interest that they needed just to pay off the interest owed. In that they were unable to pay this debt, the company they worked for was forced into bankruptcy!

Of course with any bankruptcy, the creditors have first choice on any of the assets that are remaining! The employer (the people) will be the only one left to suffer!

We the taxpayers can look forward to most of our tax dollars in the future going toward paying for the increased interest on the national debt that will be paid to the International Bankers!
(You know, that "One World Order" thing)!

"CIRCULUS VITIOSUS" (Vicious Circle)


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