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In that the Ten Commandments can't be displayed on government grounds, I guess the following could not be displayed either, although it doesn't have a religious connotation! While the Church vs State groups argue (for profit), the morals of our society are being destroyed.

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Believe, conceive, distress, life, me, perceive, possess, speak, strife, to, you, week.

The Ten Morals By L. Don Oliver (Revised)

It is morally right to have, Faith for what you _; It is morally wrong to worship, What others falsely __;

It is morally wrong to assail others, Even the words we __; It is morally right to rest, On one day of each _;

It is morally right to honor parents, Even if there should be ___; It is morally wrong to purposely, Take another person's _;

It is morally right to be honest, To the one you're committed ; It is morally wrong to take, That which doesn't belong to _;

It is morally wrong to utter untruths, Most often it leads to __; It is morally wrong to be jealous, Of what others do _;

I've always lived by the "Golden Moral", Of everything that I _; "To always do for others, What I wish them to do for _";

Previous Poem.

Knock! Knock! Knock! By L. Don Oliver

There came a knock, upon my door, Too afraid, that I should explore; Could it be for me, to just ignore, The knocking there, upon my door; The knocking there, became so loud, I search within, for a comfort shroud; To hide from, the gathering crowd, The knocking, that was so loud; The knocking continued, into the night, Anxiety flare, to take to flight, Over the hill, beyond the sight, Fleeing there, into the night; Into the storm, through the rain, It was mine, this foolish vain, In complete seclusion, I will remain; When Opportunity returns, to knock again;


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