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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

By, coy, discreet, joy, lot, meet, memory, not, sky, see, tears, years.

My Precious Beloved! By L. Don Oliver

Oh! my precious beloved, Together again we shall _; Where shade covers the grass, Beneath our Old Oak _;

We will lie there together, And gaze up at the _; Build cloud castles in the air, And watch the world go ;

Plucking the petals from a flower, "She loves me, she loves me "; Some will say that is passe, But, to me it still means a ;

I'll recite a tender poem. An you will act a little ; With our aging hands entwined, We will revisit all our ;

We will whisper sweet words of love, And try to hold back the __; Then we will embrace each other, As we have through all the __;

We will not allow our yesterdays, To become but only a ___; For there is much in life to come. So many new things yet to ;

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Glory of War! By L. Don Oliver

The cannon roars, A rifle shot; A soldier dies, All for nought;

The bell rings, On Village Square; There's no rejoicing, That's abiding there;

Six gun salute, A trumpet sounds; Another soldier buried, In hallowed grounds;

A mother cries, Her child gone; She returns to, An empty home;

That's the moral, End of story, In any war, There's no glory;


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