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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

By, care, charm, disgust, dust, harm, meek, seek, sky, there.

The Statue! (U.S. Constitution)! By L. Don Oliver

It once was a beautiful statue, It was gracefully standing __; And through all it's many years. It was giving great love and _;

Once there was a feeling of freedom, Pointing Majestically toward the _; Gathered within it's arms was hope, But alas, those days have gone ;

Now we are told to tear it down, Rendering it into a pile of _; Viewing it as a pathetic relic, Worthy of only our __;

The meaning for which it stood, Now archaic with no __; "THEY" are sculpturing a new one, That will never cause them _;

Who are "THEY" one will ask, For "WE" are just the _; "THEY" are the "Special Interests", And profit is what "THEY" _;

Previous Poem!

Oh! the Torture! (At the hands of agents of the U.S. Government)

Wearing female panties on my head, Forced to march down a crowded street; Hearing all the hoots and hollers, That was to be my manly treat;

Led into a darkened room, Hands tied to a hook upon a wall, A masked man with a rawhide whip; There to hasten my impending fall;

Head shoved into a barrel of urine, That smelled to me a lot like beer; My head held under until I gasped, While trying to hold back my fear;

Floating there in that barrel, Were brown globs of who knows what, Head forced down until I ate one, That was their diabolical plot;

Led up to a fresh built scaffold, A noose placed around my neck; Blind folded and then pushed off, Frightful of my trip to heck(PC);

Bearing all of the mental anguish, From this intended assassination; To meet all of the humiliations, At my Chief Petty Officer initiation;


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