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Swampyville's - "Oh! The Torture"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Assassination, beer, fall, fear, heck, initiation, neck, plot, street, treat, wall, what.

Oh! the Torture! (At the hands of agents of the U.S. Government)

Wearing female panties on my head, Forced to march down a crowed ___; Hearing all the hoots and hollers, That was to be my manly __;

Led into a darkened room, Hands tied to a hook upon a _, A masked man with a rawhide whip; There to hasten my impending _;

Head shoved into a barrel of urine, That smelled to me a lot like _; My head held under until I gasped, While trying to hold back my _;

Floating there in that barrel, Were brown globs of who knows _, Head forced down until I ate one, That was their diabolical _;

Led up to a fresh built scaffold, A noose placed around my _; Blind folded and then pushed off, Frightful of my trip to _(PC);

Bearing all of the mental anguish, From this intended ____; To meet all of the humiliations, At my Chief Petty Officer _;

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Highway to Despair! By L. Don Oliver

Rust covered broken plow Painted over by a monetary now, Is what they constantly deceive; Nothing from nothing, Will beget something; Is what they wish us to believe;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

If never to awake, To the tactics that they take, Blowing smoke into a cloud; The slight of hand tricks, The pain that it inflicts, Upon a programmed crowd;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Will we ever take pride, Instead of seeking to hide, From the continuing storm; No, we will acquiesce, To their final conquest, And always follow the norm;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!

Brave soldiers who did die, They lay there and cry, From the continuous rain; Crying deep within their soul, For the loss of their goal; Their sacrifice was all in vain;

And the Highway to Despair, Continues!


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